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About Our Approach

Analysis comes in many varied forms and it is very important to be able to recognize what information is usable and what information can be discarded. This creates inefficiencies in the way that people go about analyzing this information.  Many people think that data is just a table full of numbers relating to various metrics however it encompasses far more than that. This site is focused on supporting people who want to know more about data analysis.  It is an analytical hub where people can search and use it for gaining knowledge and understanding of what data is and how to analyse it.

This site provides tools for analysis and forums where people can discuss their problems.

Our Story

I believe in helping people to understand data and to help them to realize the importance of data as it is often misunderstood.  This can result in making the wrong decisions that can have severe consequences.  By looking through this wesbite I hope to share my understanding so you can be more efficient at:

  • Saving money
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Increasing understanding
  • Understanding patterns and trends
  • Increasing the accuracy of future predictions

About the Creator

I believe in helping other people to develop their knowledge and understanding of interpreting data. Data analysis is a continual learning process and new methods are constantly being developed to increase understanding and make it available to a wider audience.

Leo Drysdale

Site Creator

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About me:

  • Studied engineering with a brief stint in Finance
  • Worked in Shanghai and Czech Republic
  • Worked as a Financial Analyst at various levels
  • Then moved into a more operational analysis where I currently work

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