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Analytics Industry


30-40 years ago, the global analytical industry was a fraction of what it is today.  Having an analyst was seen as a bit of a business luxury and often viewed as unnecessary and not worth it (in terms of salaries and software licenses).

A perfect storm of the 2008 credit crunch and rising use of technology has created a boom for the analytical community where most businesses now employ analysts to help them to better understand the company and to create more control of the companies' costs and direction.  The rise in the use of technology has also greatly supported the analytical industry and made it easier to effectively manage much more data.

Nowadays, the global analytical community is still increasing in size and scale as more countries and companies employ analysts.  Until very recently, analysts were often the first people to be dismissed if the company were trying to save money however they are fast becoming key figureheads of the business and now are more widely regarded.   There are now entire companies that solely do analytics and this is a trend that is increasing to this day.

In the future analysts may be kept in even higher regard as resource scarcity, space restrictions, space travel, environmental degradation, many and varying crises take effect.  The analytical industry as a whole is still, you might say, "Under Construction".