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On the home page I talked over some of the areas covered in my YouTube channel.  Below are some more specific examples that I am proud of.  Some links are provided to make it easier to navigate your way to the YouTube channel and to the site.

For anyone interested in data and analytics, these tutorials provide an excellent way to raise the bar on your skills and knowledge.

In Python, many areas are covered including exporting your final project into an application file so that it becomes its own programme.  One of the best tutorials shows how to create and export a calculator using a module called TKinter.  This is split into 2 different parts of which the links are provided below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The AnalystRising YouTube Channel uses MySQL to run-through many commands to make you able to manage, and manipulate, large volumes of data.  While there are many different softwares that use SQL, the language between all of them are more-or-less the same. An example of how to create tables and insert values into them are provided below.

Creating a blank table and inserting columns:

There is a plan to re-create these tutorials as they were among the first created and they are a bit sub-standard. However there is a great knowledge in them that will greatly increase your ability to use Excel to a high level.  Take a look and learn!

AnalystRising contains some great tutorials on how to build and programme a wide variety of sensors including how to connect, programme and use a joystick.  Below is a link on how to use a joystick with a micro-controller.




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